Max Mosterd, “Unlocking the Potential of Open Educational Resources (OER) with Sylla and AI"

Workshop held within the "Open Science" course by Silvio Peroni, Digital Humanities and Digital Knowledge (DHDK)

  • Data: 11 aprile 2024 dalle 15:00 alle 17:30

  • Luogo: Aula Affreschi, via Zamboni 34, Bologna

In this interactive workshop, students and instructors will explore the transformative potential of OER and gain insights into Sylla, a new platform designed to enable the adoption of OER in the classroom and drive affordable learning.

Facilitated by Max Mosterd, co-founder of Sylla, participants will first be introduced to understand the current state of OER (specifically Open Textbooks) and the challenges hindering their broader adoption. In addition, the supporting role of AI will be highlighted to grow student engagement and success. Through discussions and a live demo of Sylla, attendees will have the opportunity to share their perspectives, experiences, and feedback on using open materials.

Key topics to be covered:

  • The State of OER: An overview of the OER movement, its benefits, and the barriers to widespread adoption.
  • Towards Adoption using AI: Exploring the potential of open educational resources (OER) to transform the learning experience and foster affordable and accessible learning using AI.
  • Sylla Demo: A hands-on demonstration of, a software tool designed to streamline the discovery, adoption, and customization of open learning materials, including textbooks, exercises, and teaching assets.
  • Discussion & Feedback: An interactive session where participants can share their insights, ask questions, and provide valuable feedback to shape the future development of Sylla.

By attending this workshop, participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of Open Textbooks, their impact on education, and how Sylla is building a solution to empower instructors and students.

About Sylla

Sylla is on a mission to make education and lifelong learning accessible to all, regardless of economic background. By providing an affordable and personalized platform based on open educational content, Sylla aims to empower individuals to continuously learn and develop their skills.

The software offered by Sylla enables instructors to discover and adopt relevant open learning materials, starting with textbooks. It recommends open resources based on course syllabi, supports the replacement of paid textbooks, and facilitates the creation of teaching assets such as exercises and slides – a comprehensive toolkit for embracing open materials in the classroom.