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Il Dipartimento collabora attivamente e a vario titolo nella formazione a tutti i livelli, attivando corsi e scuole sia per studenti dell'Ateneo sia per soggetti diversi.

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Greek and Latin Summer School

"Otium sine litteris mors est et hominis vivi sepultura" («leisure without letters is a living death unto man»): so wrote Lucius Annaeus Seneca, philosopher, playwright and tutor to the emperor Nero. And this is also the aim of our Summer School: combining summer holidays in an exciting place with the study of classical languages.

The Bologna University Greek and Latin Summer School, organised by the Department of Classics and Italian Studies, offers intensive courses in Greek and Latin with the aim of enabling students to read some of the fundamental texts of our cultural tradition. Further classes will touch on moments of Classical literature, Greek and Roman history and history of art, supplemented by visits to museums and archaeological sites (in Bologna and in Rome).

Since 2007 we have had students (aged 18 to 75) coming from these countries and cities! 


Edizione 2020


Academic director: Francesco Citti
Place of teaching: Bologna
Duration: 3 weeks, from 22 June - 10 July 2020
Language: English
Cost:  - Option 1: Greek OR Latin: € 950
            - Option 2: ‘Double bill’ (Latin & Greek): € 1500
Number of participants: minimum 8 maximum 80
Call deadline: Jun 12, 2020

The school offers Intensive Classes in Greek language and Latin language (44 hours) at two different levels (beginners and intermediate) for Latin and an additional Classical Literature Class (11 hours). It is also possible to combine two language courses (Latin & Greek) at a special rate. The skills acquired after one course are expected to be equivalent to a Semester study: please refer to the link on this page for a detailed syllabus.

The programme is reserved for candidates who, at the time of registration, are 18 year-old or over and are in possession of a first cycle university degree (BA) or a secondary school diploma (and a basic knowledge of the morphology and syntax of their mother tongue).

Linguistic skills: English
Selection criteria: Placement test pass


How to apply

Please download the application form and the placement test (above, on the right).

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