Roberto Leporatti (University of Geneve) on "The scattered poems of Francesco Petrarca: The other side of Canzoniere"

Roberto Leporatti (University of Geneve) and his research team introduces RdP Project (funded by the FNSRS): The scattered poems of Petrarca. The other side of Canzoniere

  • Data: 05 dicembre 2019 dalle 11:30 alle 13:30

  • Luogo: Aula Affreschi, via Zamboni, 34 - Università di Bologna

Partecipanti: University of Geneva – FNSRS Prof. Roberto Leporatti, Dr. Anaïs Ducoli - Dr. Tommaso Salvatore

Digitizing Petrarch: work in progress for the digital edition of Petrarch's uncollected poems